The Cluster for Co-Creative Design and Innovation (CCSDI) has just arranged its first conference!

Conference was held at Doga`s premises in Oslo on the 5th of June, and gathered well over 100 people who are interested in co-operative service design and innovation in the health sector.

The Centre for Health Innovation is one of 16 partners in the cluster, and we were naturally present during the conference.

Conference title was "Service design in health - how do we create future solutions?"

Anita Das, research director SINTEF Digital and project manager CCSDI, was first out and started the conference by presenting the cluster's preliminary work and thoughts for the future.

The program was exciting, and with lecturers representing the design and research environment as well as the health services, we were given various perspectives on the topic;

- What methods and tools do service designers use in the design process?

- What experiences do the health services have in using
co-operative service design methodology in practice?

- What do researchers regard as important elements of the service design methodology for realizing innovations in the health and care sector?

The Center for Health Innovation also contributed with presentation at the conference. Researcher Lillian Karlsen talked about "Co-operative service design in practical experience from the project" Intravenous antibiotic treatment in home hospitals ". We see that it is very important to share experiences and knowledge about how we have used the service design process in the development of this new patient pathway, and what we experience as success factors and challenges. The need is high for building and sharing knowledge and expertise about the effect of 1) different measures and methods 2) what conditions are a prerequisite for and contributing to these effects 3) how can new knowledge and innovations actually be implemented in the services.

We look forward to further competence building and knowledge sharing with the other players in the CCSDI cluster and hope for more conferences!

Read more about the cluster's work here:

Picture 2: a full conference hall in The Doga premises enjoyed the pleasure of listening to Elizabeth B- N. Sanders, founder of MakeTools and Associate Professor at The Ohio State University. Sanders in his post highlights the need for the use of co-creation processes and service
design methodology to improve health services, and how Different types of tools, methods and "mindset" affect the good processes.

Picture 1: Lavrans Løvlie is referred to as the founder of the service design environment in Norway, and he participated to founded the world's first service design company, Livework. Løvlie talked about. tender how we should think again about how we can streamline the
health services by move us "From system efficiency to more efficient users".