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What are we?

The Centre for Health Innovation is a competence center for health innovation, welfare technology, research and interaction. The center was established in 2017 with the goal of meeting future challenges in the health sector. We focus on people's real needs for improvement, interdisciplinary interaction, research-driven innovation, development of health care, and welfare and coping technology, in order to achieve improvement in the health services.

The center is independent and works towards increased collaboration across all sectors and environments. We work with all levels of care in the health service. We have entered a regional agreement with Helse Møre og Romsdal HF and Møre og Romsdal County Council that the Centre for Health Innovation will take a regional role in the development of the future health services in Møre og Romsdal. Simultaneously, we have national and international collaboration partners, and conduct research at a national level. Our geographical catchment area for response services today includes Nordmøre and Romsdal, but we are constantly in dialogue with several potential customers in an expanded geographical area.

What do we do?

The Centre for Health Innovation operates a 24-hour response center that safeguards response services to welfare technology solutions for member municipalities in our region. The Response Center also has a mobile response team that responds to welfare technology alarms.

How do we do it?

The Centre for Health Innovation's mission is to work with knowledge-based development of health services using:

  • Response center services and digitization: Welfare and coping technology for the development and organization of new health services.

  • Research-driven innovation: Practice-based research and knowledge for service innovation.

  • Health Industry: Associate entrepreneurs and business actors with identified needs.

  • Interaction: Knowledge sharing, collaboration and development across all levels in the health service.

Who are we?

Geir is the CEO for the Centre of Health Innovation.

Geir has several years of experience from both public and private businesses and management. Originally, Geir is a trained nurse. Over the years, he has taken further education in educational guidance, geriatrics, political science, and now a master's degree in organizational leadership.

Geir began as CEO for the Centre of Health Innovation on March 1st, 2019. He has previously worked as the unit manager and head of the department for planning and development in Molde municipality, and department manager and CEO for Triangel Solutions AS.

Bjarte Bye Løfaldli, Project Manager at the Centre for Health Innovation

Bjarte Bye Løfaldli

Project Manager Research, Development and Innovation (FoUI)


Bjarte is a neurobiologist from NTNU in Trondheim. His academic background is psychology and biology with specialization in physiology and neuroscience.

His doctoral work dealt with how scent information is processed and coded in higher odor areas of the brain. His work with neural networks, neuronal signaling and calculation continued in his position as a postdoctoral fellow.

Bjarte has previously worked as a laboratory manager and senior engineer at the Kavli Institute, Center for Neural Networks, Norwegian Brain Center. As a laboratory manager, he was responsible for managing and following up on activities, procedures, and installations at the center. In addition, he worked extensively with organizational development and development, testing and implementation of new procedures and equipment, tender processes and major procurement, applications related to research operations and funds, and communicating research results.

Benedicte Nyborg, Daily manager of the alarm central and project manager for Orkidé

Benedicte Nyborg

Daily manager of the alarm central and project manager for the Regional Response Center, Orkide


Benedicte's academic background is nursing, with further education in organizational management.

She has had a long career in both municipal and state health and care services, and for the past 11 years, she has been the unit manager for both nursing homes, home nursing services and health and family units. She also has experience from both the ambulance and emergency room, as well as an ordinary hospital ward. She is currently taking a two-year educational course in welfare technology. Benedicte has broad experience with cross-municipal collaboration through IKT Orkide and has particularly focused on cultural change.

Guro Løfaldli, Project manager

Guro Løfaldli

Project Manager Health Industry


Guro has studied economics at the BI Norwegian Business School and has a master's degree in organizational management from NTNU, with a specialization in strategic leadership.

Guro has worked with several "startups" and has long experience from technology and research-based companies. For the past 3 years, Guro has worked as an independent consultant/advisor and assisted companies in change processes.

Signe Sefland, Communications manager

Signe Sefland

Communications manager


Signe originally has a background as a religious studies scholar with a major in Islam. She has experience from public administration as well as project, information and marketing work.

As a previous KOM Trainee, Signe has varied work experience from the region, with experience from Vestbase, Helse Møre og Romsdal HF and Møre og Romsdal county municipality. She has also worked at Nordmøre Business Council (today: KNN) and as marketing manager for the Opera in Kristiansund. Parallel to her job as a communication manager at the Centre for Health Innovation, she has taken Communication in research, culture and public administration studies at the University of Bergen.

Lillian Karlsen, Project worker FoUI

Lillian Karlsen

Project worker FoUI


Lillian is a trained nurse with further education in cancer care and with a master's degree in Health and Social Studies from Molde University College.

She mainly has experience from municipal care services, and in recent years as a cancer coordinator in Kristiansund municipality. Lillian has great involvement in development work, and has, among other things, experience from managing several professional development projects in the field of palliative care.

Cecilie Pedersen Engvik, Operating technician for the Regional Response Center

Cecilie Engvik

Operating technician, Regional Response Center


Cecilie has extensive experience in welfare technology and has worked as an operator at the Response Center for more than 10 years.

She has a background as a nurse with further education in welfare technology. Cecilie will also lead the operating engineer network in the municipalities.

Ingunn Strand, Management support at the Centre for Health Innovation

Ingunn Strand

Management support


Ingunn has experience from the media, administration and as self-employed.

Ingunn holds a master's degree in Management from the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

She has extensive experience from the media industry, solid experience from the administrative part in academia and has worked as an independent business for many years.

At the Centre for Health Innovation, she works administratively with a focus on managerial support for the director.

Jeanette-Christin Hanneseth Størseth, Professional director in USHT

Jeanette-Christin Hanneseth Størseth

Professional director in the Development Center for nursing homes and home services in Møre og Romsdal (USHT), department of Kristiansund


Jeanette-Christin has 10 years of clinical experience from the specialist health service; orthopedic department and emergency medical department - emergency reception/emergency room.

She also has 6 years of experience from the municipal health service; 2 years for the short-term department at Kringsjå nursing home, last 4 years as department head and nurse for the home service.

Jeanette-Christin took her degree in nursing in Denmark, at the Social and Health School Dept. Næstved in 2002. She then took further education in Knowledge-based Practice and Management in Health and Social Services at Molde University College in 2017.

Maria Therese Aasen-Stensvold, Project manager in the Centre for Health Innovation

Maria Therese Aasen-Stensvold

Project manager, Professional network for employees who provide services to people with developmental disabilities


Maria works to establish a professional network for employees who provide services to people with developmental disabilities in the municipalities of Møre og Romsdal.

The network will work to ensure knowledge-based practice, as well as the development and exchange of expertise across municipal boundaries and levels of care.

Maria Therese is a trained disability nurse. She has further education in health management, sexology, and disability, as well as further education in welfare technology.

Fride Bae, Project worker for the Centre for Health Innovation

Fride Bae

Project worker


Fride works with the T2D, Diabetes type 2 project at the Centre for Health Innovation.

Fride is a nurse and also has a master in democracy assistance. During her studies she was an intern at the Department of International Cooperation at Haukeland. Fride has also had an exchange period in China, where she studied globalization and social anthropology and did fieldwork.

Fride has worked many years in PU and elderly care beside her studies, and has worked as a supervisor in NAV for 3 years. She is now in a two-year race as a health trainee in KomTrainee, where she works at three different jobs: Allocation and coordination, the Centre for Health Innovation and Unit for psychiatry and intoxication.

Nora Nilsen Østby, Nurse for the Response Team

Nora Nilsen Østby

Nurse, Response Team


Nora is a nurse with experience from the soothing unit and working with people with cognitive impairment. 

Nora is a trained nurse from Molde University College and works at our Response Team.

She has work experience from the soothing unit at Rokilde Nursing Home, from a residential collective for people with cognitive impairment, as well as from a medical ward at the hospital in Kristiansund.

Rune Heggem Gjøvikli, Nurse for the Response Team

Rune Heggem Gjøvikli

Nurse, Response Team


Rune is a specialist nurse in geriatrics and has 14 years experience from home care.

Rune is part of our Response Team and has broad work experience. He was originally a trained nursing assistant, before becoming a nurse in 2003 and a geriatric nurse in 2008. He has experience from both the Army's sanitation, field hospitals, the Red Cross Nursing Home in Bergen, the Heart Clinic in Trondheim, as well as a practice from the psychiatric institution and hospitalization in an ambulance, besides long service in home nursing care.

Odin Bae Bolstad, Nurse for the Response Team

Odin Bae Bolstad

Nurse, Response Team


Odin has experience from the renal unit at Haukeland University Hospital and specializes in advanced clinical nursing.

Odin is a special nurse and works at our Response Team. He has previously worked at the hospital in Molde, at the nephrology department at Haukeland hospital, and at the dialysis department at Kristiansund Hospital, before joining the Centre for Health Innovation in 2017.

Hans Arvid Johansen, Advisor for ICT Health in Kristiansund Municipality

Hans Arvid Johansen

Advisor ICT Health 

Kristiansund municipality


Hans Arvid is a technologist and has extensive experience with complicated computer systems.

His educational background is as a student in computer science at Molde University College.

Hans Arvid has worked with IT in Kristiansund municipality for 11 years and ICT ORKidé for 10 years and has extensive experience with complicated computer systems. His main tasks today are the implementation of various forms of welfare technology and underlying computer solutions, as well as infrastructure, reporting, databases and more.

Hans Arvid works a lot with suppliers and is involved in tender processes, project work, security work, and various cloud solutions.

Line Mordal, Service desk worker at the Centre for Health Innovation

Line Mordal

Service desk worker

 475 02 637

Line is a trained ICT service employee and works as a commercial employee at the Centre for Health Innovation.

Line is interested in technology and has previously worked at a computer workshop. Her work tasks include administration, office work and operating support.

Alf Magne Røbech, Technician for the Response Center

Alf Magne Røbech

Technician, Response Center


Alf-Magne is a technician at the Centre for Health Innovation and is the center's handyman.

He has his professional background mainly from mechanical/technical and sales activities within industry/service.

Alf works with programming new alarms, switching to new units, relocation from old to new premises and everything in between.

Kya Zinlatt Long, Multimedia consultant at the Centre for Health Innovation

Kya Zinlatt Long

Multimedia consultant


Kya works with photography, filming, and animations at the Centre for Health Innovation.

He is currently working in a 20% position besides studying gaming technology.

Kya has a degree from the University of Agder, with a 3-year bachelor's degree in multimedia technology and design. The education includes a subject focus on video, photography, 2d-3d animation, design (web/web pages) and data programming.

Håvard Frisvold Kvisvik, Digital tranformation and health innovation advisor in Gjemnes municipality

Håvard Frisvold Kvisvik

Advisor, digital transformation and health innovation

Gjemnes municipality


Håvard holds a master's degree in societal change and organizational management from Molde University College, and further education in innovation and digitization.

He works in Gjemnes municipality as a digital advisor in the field of transformation and health innovation.

Håvard is currently working part-time at the Centre for Health Innovation, associated with the National Welfare Technology Project, which we are involved in.

Håvard has previously worked with everything from construction piping to shipping, but has a special fondness for digital systems that make everyday life easier for everyone.

Grønt ikon av Helseinnovasjonssenteret

10-12 employees work at our 24-hour Response Center.

Grønt ikon av Helseinnovasjonssenteret

We have affiliated PhD and master students who participate in specific projects.