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What are we?

The Centre for Health Innovation is an environment for health innovation, with a special focus on research and interaction.

The center was established in 2017 with the goal of meeting future challenges in the health sector. We focus on people's real needs for improvement, interdisciplinary interaction, research-driven innovation, development of health care, and welfare and coping technology, in order to achieve improvement in the health services.

The center is independent and works towards increased collaboration across all sectors and environments. We work with all levels of care in the health service. We have entered a regional agreement with Helse Møre og Romsdal HF and Møre og Romsdal County Council that the Centre for Health Innovation will take a regional role in the development of the future health services in Møre og Romsdal. Simultaneously, we have national and international collaboration partners, and conduct research at a national level. 

Who are we?

Geir is the CEO for the Centre of Health Innovation.

Geir has several years of experience from both public and private businesses and management. Originally, Geir is a trained nurse. Over the years, he has taken further education in educational guidance, geriatrics, political science, and now a master's degree in organizational leadership.

Geir began as CEO for the Centre of Health Innovation on March 1st, 2019. He has previously worked as the unit manager and head of the department for planning and development in Molde municipality, and department manager and CEO for Triangel Solutions AS.

Bjarte Bye Løfaldli, Project Manager at the Centre for Health Innovation

Bjarte Bye Løfaldli

Leader Research, Development and Innovation (FoUI)


Bjarte is a neurobiologist from NTNU in Trondheim. His academic background is psychology and biology with specialization in physiology and neuroscience.

His doctoral work dealt with how scent information is processed and coded in higher odor areas of the brain. His work with neural networks, neuronal signaling and calculation continued in his position as a postdoctoral fellow.

Bjarte has previously worked as a laboratory manager and senior engineer at the Kavli Institute, Center for Neural Networks, Norwegian Brain Center. As a laboratory manager, he was responsible for managing and following up on activities, procedures, and installations at the center. In addition, he worked extensively with organizational development and development, testing and implementation of new procedures and equipment, tender processes and major procurement, applications related to research operations and funds, and communicating research results.

Atle Ødegård 

Special adviser


Atle works as a special adviser at The Centre for Health Innovation and focuses on specific projects as well as contributing in our research, development and innovation activity. 

Atle is a psychologist from the University of Oslo and is a specialist in clinical adult psychology and school psychology. He has worked in adult psychiatry (acute and geriatric psychiatry), substance abuse care and PPT. In 2000, he was hired at Molde University College, where he currently is a professor - with a speciality in inter-professional collaboration in practice and education. His doctoral thesis in 2008 (University of Oslo) referred to inter-professional collaboration to children and youth with mental health problems.

Atle has for many years built up a large network - nationally and internationally - and is involved in several research projects. The last years his research has included innovation in the public sector. Atle has published a number of books and scientific articles. It can also be mentioned that Atle is a musician and occasionally performs with his own compositions - in professional contexts, among other things.

Lillian Karlsen, Project worker FoUI

Lillian Karlsen

Research Adviser


Lillian is a trained nurse with further education in cancer care and with a master's degree in Health and Social Studies from Molde University College.

She mainly has experience from municipal care services, and in recent years as a cancer coordinator in Kristiansund municipality. Lillian has great involvement in development work, and has, among other things, experience from managing several professional development projects in the field of palliative care.

Stephan Kristensen

Health Engineer


Stephan works with a focus related to health and welfare technology. As the center's Health engineer, he contributes with technological insights to our projects.

Stephan holds a diploma in automation, in addition he has subjects in psychology and history at NTNU. He has worked in the oil industry since 2008. First as a traveling technician with service on electrical / hydraulic components and systems, and then as a project engineer at TechnipFMC where he worked on maintenance, modifications and overhauls of underwater systems. Prior to joining the Health Innovation Center in the fall of 2019, he worked as a Project Engineer in Deep C with responsibility for maintenance and control systems for underwater vehicles.

Terese Nerbøvik 

Research Adviser


Terese is a research adviser with extensive experience from both municipal health services and specialist health services.

Terese is a trained nurse and has a master's degree in clinical health science from NTNU. She has a varied and good work experience from both the municipal and specialist health services, and in recent years has worked as a research staff member at St. Olav's Hospital.

Terese´s tasks at The Centre of Health Innovation includes, among other things, assessment of needs, insights, initiation and implementation of projects and activities, supervision and dissemination.

Runa Overå Hide 

Research Adviser


Runa has various work experience and expertise on physical activity and health.

Runa has a bachelor in Physical Science from NTNU Trondheim, and a master in Physical Activity and Health, specializing in Movement Science, from NTNU Trondheim.

Runa has worked as a Project Manager at Åse Living lab in Ålesund, and with marketing and user analysis in VitalThings. She also has work experience as a caretaker in different short- and longterm healthcare institutions.


Signe Sefland

Communications manager


Signe originally has a background as a religious studies scholar with a major in Islam. She has experience from public administration as well as project, information and marketing work.

As a previous KOM Trainee, Signe has varied work experience from the region, with experience from Vestbase, Helse Møre og Romsdal HF and Møre og Romsdal county municipality. She has also worked at Nordmøre Business Council (today: KNN) and as marketing manager for the Opera in Kristiansund. Parallel to her job as a communication manager at the Centre for Health Innovation, she has taken Communication in research, culture and public administration studies at the University of Bergen.

Grønt ikon av Helseinnovasjonssenteret

We also have affiliated PhD and master students who participate in specific projects.