A competence center for health innovation, welfare technology, research and interaction

Welcome to the Centre for Health Innovation.

Together for future health services

The Centre for Health Innovation works towards a more sustainable organization of health services in Norway.

The center connects users, relatives, volunteers, municipalities, hospitals, research environments, educational environments and health entrepreneurs by being an arena for interaction and through projects. An important part of the center's work is to assist in broadening welfare technology solutions, as well as managing welfare technology for our customers. The Centre for Health Innovation is a hub between citizens and private and public societal actors, within the focus areas of interaction, health and welfare technology, health care and public health. All activity at the Centre for Health Innovation is brought back to owners, collaborators and the community in the form of new interaction, health and welfare technology, and better public health.

Together with our owners, partners and the people who live in our community, we seek to find new solutions for national health challenges through knowledge, research, development and innovation.


We continue to have new and exciting projects underway to achieve more innovative and sustainable health services in Norway.

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