New service model for interaction in specialized home hospitals, with the use of coping and distance-related technology.

Hospital@home is a research and innovation project that will develop a new and more user-centered patient course in the homes of patients in need of long-term intravenous antibiotic treatment.

Today's health services are becoming more and more complex and require focus on service innovation in the area of interaction between the specialist and municipal health services. There is a great need to build a more robust organization around the interaction and follow-up of patients who are moved and treated at different service levels by the health services. With this project, we will contribute to increased quality of life for patients, and new interaction to achieve more customized treatment and better resource utilization in the health services, by developing a follow-up system in specialized home hospitals. Distance monitoring and use of welfare technology is a central part of the new service. This will give the patient a better opportunity to manage their own treatment and participate in working life and school during the patient's course.

Collaborators are the Centre of Health Innovation with the Response Center, Response Team and Municipalities, DNHS, Helse Møre og Romsdal, SINTEF, and the Hospital pharmacies Midt-Norge. The Centre of Health Innovation has a central role in all work packages in the project. The project is funded by Innovation funds from Helse Midt.