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Innovative technological solutions for an increased quality of life.

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What is welfare technology?

Welfare technology is user-oriented technology that aims to make the user's everyday life easier, safer and better in general. Welfare technology solutions enable increased self-reliance and quality of life.

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For help and safety at home

A lot of people want to stay in their own homes, even when they get older and need help. With the help of welfare technology, we wish to enable older people to live independently at home for longer.

Welfare technology products in our services

Safemate Mobile Safety Alarm

Safemate mobile safety alarm

This is a portable security alarm with two-way communication, GPS and GSM. With this alarm, the user can feel safe both at home and away from home. It can also serve as a tool to help the care network of the carrier to feel safer. When in need of help, the user can press the alarm button to reach the alarm center. Safemate is used by children, the elderly, young people, and active people. This is also very suitable as an attack alarm and does not require a stationary safety alarm.

mBox Door alarm

mBox Door alarm

This door alarm is wireless and easy to install. A small magnet is attached to the door leaf, but the transmitter itself is attached directly to the door frame. There is a bypass button for the staff so they can pass the alarm without activating it. A built-in clock function enables automatic timing of the alarm function. The alarm also has several other features.

Activity sensor

Motion sensor with multiple functions.

  • Bed guard

  • Presence sensor

  • Door alarm

Voice-activated radio transmitter

Voice-activated radio transmitter

Radio transmitter triggered by voice or involuntary sounds, e.g. epilepsy or other seizures. The transmitter is connected to a security alarm.

CareTech fall sensor

CareTech fall sensor

The fall sensor is an aid that is attached with the clamp in a regular belt, or it can be placed in a specially designed waist belt. When the fall sensor detects a fall, a signal is automatically sent to the safety alarm, which passes it on to the alarm center. This sensor is very sensitive.

Motion sensor

The motion and activity sensor Motion 869 is wireless and has multiple functions.

It can for example serve as:

  • A bed guard that sends information when the user leaves the bed.

  • A motion sensor that sends information if the user has been inactive, for example if the user has not been in the kitchen the last 24 hours.

  • A presence sensor for a door alarm to automatically recover. This feature requires an Mbox door alarm.

Vibby Oak fall sensor

Vibby Oak fall sensor

The Vibby OAK fall detector is the first automatic fall detector on the market that can be worn around the wrist or neck. The use of a fall sensor contributes to independence and safety at home. It helps users to feel more confident about being active. The sensor requires clear and hard falls to trigger an alarm.

White, round smoke detector

Smoke detector

This smoke detector is a fire alarm that is connected to Doro's various alarm systems to create a safe overall solution in your own home, as well as in specially adapted residential units. When the alarm goes off, it emits a clear acoustic signal while simultaneously alerting the alarm center through Doro's safety alarm or internal system.

CareMobile Safety alarm

CareMobile is a digital safety alarm that fulfills both today's and tomorrow's demands for a complete and secure safety alarm. The product is designed to enable bidirectional voice communication with alarm via the existing standard for digital calls via GSM / GPRS.

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Welfare technology lab

Here, you can soon read more about our welfare technology lab!