Emergency response services for urgent matters

The Response Team — an assurance for users and their relatives.

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About our Response Team

The Response Team is a team consisting of 3 specialist nurses, employed by the Centre for Health Innovation. The Response Team works closely with both our Response Center and the home care service in Kristiansund, which purchases services from the Response Team. The Response Team's tasks are to follow up on triggered alarms from safety alarms and other welfare technology, to provide professional guidance/nursing support to the home care service, and to participate in collaboration tasks related to the Hospital@home project. 

Emergency response team for urgent matters

The Response Team is, along with the Response Center, a new way of organizing health services. The Response Center manages the Response Team and assesses whether tasks should be given to the Response Team, home caring service or the ambulance if required. The Response Team always brings medical equipment when responding, and they carry a laptop so they can access real-time information, as well as update collaborative services on the care they have given. They have the same design as the home service with regard to emergency vehicles and work clothes. The purpose of this is to give the patients the experience of a holistic health service.