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Development center for nursing homes and home services i Kristiansund

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Co-located with a shared vision

The Centre for Health Innovation has a satellite function for the Development Center for Nursing Homes and Home Services (DNHS) in Kristiansund. This means that DNHS' employee in Kristiansund, Jeanette-Christin Hanneseth Størseth, has a daily workplace with us. This creates many great synergies, as we share a common vision of developing better health services.

For better health care services

DNHS' overall societal mission is to contribute to enhancing the quality of healthcare services through professional and competence based development and the dissemination of new knowledge, new solutions, and national guidelines. There are a total of 20 development centers in the country. In each county, one municipality hosts one development center. The centers contribute to spreading new knowledge and new solutions in the healthcare sector in their county.

For more information, vist DNHS Møre og Romsdal' website.

Contact person:

Jeanette-Christin H. Størseth 

Professional director, DNHS Satellite Kristiansund

Tlf: 94038584